Collection of scenario examples for hipops
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Collection of scenario examples for hipops

##Getting started

###Prerequisites go version 1.3 or newer

####Plugins ansible: ansible v1.7 and default playbooks are

Vagrant CoreOS

Thanks defunctzombie for Getting ansible running CoreOS, you can read more about that on CoreOS Blog

  • cd vagrant/coreos
  • vagrant up this will create 4 coreOS instances
  • ansible-playbook ansible/bootstrap.yml -i ansible/hosts
  • You can then test it by running: ansible -i ansible/hosts all -m setup

Vagrant ubuntu

  • cd vagrant/ubuntu
  • vagrant up this will create 4 ubuntu 14.04
  • ansible-playbook ansible/bootstrap-vagrant.yml -i ansible/hosts to install docker and give ubuntu user ssh permission

AWS Remotely


  • aspnet-todo aspnet vNext MVC 6 + angularJS + mongoDB
  • cbs-cbsg couchbase-server + couchbase-sync-gateway for connecting mobile apps.
  • cbs-n couchbase-server + nodejs demo app.
  • cr-sd consul + registrator service discovery on all of your servers.
  • elk-f elasticsearch + logstash + kabana + logstash-forwarder for aggregating the logs across all containers.
  • samomy-dev sailsJS-backend + angular-frontend + mongodb + mysql on a single box.
  • samomy-prod sailsJS-backend + angular-frontend + mongodb + mysql linked together on three different boxes.