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Running cbs-n

couchbase-server + nodejs app (CoreOS). This scenario will:

  1. create a 3-cluster couchbase server
  2. populate couchbase server with beer-sample bucket with it's data
  3. deploy nodeJS app with nginx-proxy to host the demo app at cbnodejs-demo.com


  • cd cbs-n

  • Vagrant Locally

COUCHBASE_SERVER= hipops exec -plugin ansible -private-key ~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key -playbook-path /PATH/TO/hipops-playbooks/ansible

After the orchestration has ran, set your hosts files for the configured Hosts entries in the config.json. cbnodejs-demo.com

Visit http://cbnodejs-demo.com for your nodejs app demo, and you can also verify your couchbase cluster with the cred provided in config.json
  • AWS Remotely Checkout hosts/local file for the proper App-Role metadata instance tag.
COUCHBASE_SERVER=IP.ADDR.OF.CB-SERVER-00 hipops exec -plugin ansible -private-key /PATH/TO/AWS.pem -playbook-path /PATH/TO/hipops-playbooks/ansible -inventory /PATH/TO/EC2.py