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COVID-19 World Map (

This is a repository for a full-stack Node JS app that fetches, scrapes, and processes COVID-19 data in real-time and serves the client with interactive data maps and charts. You can visit the site here.


Back end

Node JS express app server

  • Dependencies
    • cheerio - daily data scraping.
    • cron - setting up cron jobs for automated fetching and scraping.
    • csv-parser - reading csv files and converting them to objects.

Front end

All client-side code was developed from scratch. No external libraries, no bootstraps, no frameworks, and no widgets were used. All of it done with the holy trinity (html, css, and javascript).


All the data except OWID data can be found in the /data folder in the root directory.


  • Worldometer: Most of the data scraping is from here.
  • OWID(Our World In Data): All chart data for countries and vaccine data for both World and USA is fetched here. OWID data by Cameron Appel, Diana Beltekian, Daniel Gavrilov, Charlie Giattino, Joe Hasell, Bobbie Macdonald, Edouard Mathieu, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser.

USA 50 States - Chart Data

Scraping from Worldometer is compiled daily and added to this file (us-data-hist-raw.json). A 7-day rolling average is then calculated for daily cases, deaths, and vaccinations. All of that daily processed data is then compiled and added to this file (us-data-hist.json). Both json files can be found in this folder /data/us-data.

us-data-hist-raw.json structure:
  • country: US state
  • data: array of daily cases, deaths, and vaccinations for each date of recorded data
    • date: date in the format yyyy-mm-dd
    • new_cases: new daily confirmed cases
    • new_deaths: new daily confirmed deaths
us-data-hist.json structure:
  • country: US state
  • data: array of smoothed out daily cases, deaths, and vaccinations for each date of recorded data
    • date: date in the format yyyy-mm-dd
    • new_cases_smoothed: new daily confirmed cases (7-day rolling average)
    • new_deaths_smoothed: new daily confirmed deaths (7-day rolling average)
    • new_vaccinations_smoothed: new daily doses administered (7-day rolling average)


World country location data is made available in this file /data/ref/world.json.

  • id: country numeric code.
  • name: country full name.
  • alpha2: country alpha2 code.
  • alpha3: country alpha3 code.
  • country: country short name.

USA 50 states location data is made available in this file /data/ref/us-states.json.

  • id: US state two letter code.
  • state: US state full name.


Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions on my twitter account.


This repository is under the MIT license. You have the permission to use the code and data, provided the source and authors are credited. Third-party data (Our World In Data and Worldometer) is subject to the license terms from the respective third-party authors.


This PWA (Progressive Web Application) was created and developed by Amino Belyamani. USA chart data was collected, compiled, and processed by Amino Belyamani.


An interactive map app of covid-19 World and USA data.







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