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A brief introduction to Amin Eftegarie

Let's start with some basics:

  • Name: Amin Eftegarie
  • Location: Amsterdam (suburbs)
  • Age: 26

I spend my seconds on the following things:

  • Sleep
  • Web development
  • Human Interface Design
  • Building random tiny webapps
  • Talking to cyberfriends

My goals are to

  • Create a popular webapp
  • Make the world a better place
  • Shine light on underrated things and people
  • Free people from dogma using calm socratic conversation

Meanwhile I try to

  • Live ethically
  • Keep my word
  • Have high integrity
  • Promote peace
  • Bash the government

Contact me:


  • My username everywhere is 'aminozuur', which means amino acid in Dutch
  • I have a strange interest for words and definitions
  • I am incapable of small talk
  • I experience above average connection with people who have experienced childhood trauma, or overcame obstacles during teenage years

Favorite quote: "I currently don't have a favorite quote" - Amin Eftegarie (2016)