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Repository for Excel add-ins used for corpus annotation.

Currently available:

ValidateAnnotation.xla - uses a schema file to check for each column header (e.g. pos, word, sentence...):

  • Cells in columns with headers "word", "pos" have exact same spans (word=pos)
  • "pos" may only contain set values (values:pos(NOUN,VERB,null))
  • A worksheet "meta" must contain annotation names in first column (require:meta(title,author,...))
  • Span of "sentence" must include all rows of overlapping "word" cell (sentence>word)
  • You may also use either/or in headers like this: sent|sent_n>translation
  • You can enfore cells in a column always being filled, e.g. to ensure the data is 'plated' with line annotations, via full:anno1,anno2,...

MiscAnno.xla - miscellaneous macros to facilitate annotation tasks

  • Auto merge down - merge cells in selection with any empty cells under them
  • Stretch into gap - stretches all cell to merge back into preceding cells if they are empty (useful if you insert a line to add a token and want to stretch all span annotations to cover the new tokens)
  • Merge with content - merges selected cells and concatenates their contents into the new cell
  • Delete line - programmatically delete the line that the cursor is own without marking it
  • Insert line - programmatically insert a new line at the cursor position
  • Fill zeros where cells in selection are empty (useful for sparse matrices in cross tabulation)

exmaralda_io_0.9.9.3.xla - Corpus linguistics format converter for Windows Excel

  • Somewhat misnamed, as it supports not only EXMARaLDA XML but also PTB brackets, conll10 dependencies, PAULA XML, TreeTagger SGML and more
  • See documentation in README_exmaralda_io_0.9.9.3.pdf

UnderOverUse_V1.2.xla - Legacy version of a conditional formatting script for number comparisons

  • Highlights values of cells in warm/cold colors by deviation from control column values
  • Thresholds are configurable (see underuse_overuse.pdf)
  • Mostly reproduceable using conditional formatting in newer versions of Excel

Schemas for ValidateAnnotation.xla (Coptic SCRIPTORIUM only)

  • validate_ms.txt validates files created from Coptic manuscripts according to Coptic SCRIPTORIUM standards
  • validate_bible.txt validates files created from biblical editions (not manuscripts) such as Sahidica according to Coptic SCRIPTORIUM standards

A note on Office 64 Bit:

The MS Office 64 bit API has some differences which prevent the use of the standard plugins. You can try the 64 bit version of the exmaralda_io plugin available at this repo, which may be slightly out of date compared to the standard version:

  • exmaralda_io_0.9.8.1_Win64_Office64


Repository for Excel add-ins used for corpus annotation




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