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Gearman status Apache module

To play with this module first compile it into a DSO
file and install it into Apache's modules directory
by running:

  $ apxs -c -i mod_gearman_status.c

Then activate it in Apache's apache2.conf file for instance
for the URL /gearman-status in as follows:

  LoadModule gearman_status_module modules/
  <Location /gearman-status>
    SetHandler gearman_status

Then after restarting Apache via

  $ apachectl restart

you immediately can request the URL /gearman-status and watch for the
output of this module. This can be achieved for instance via:

  $ lynx -mime_header http://localhost/gearman-status

By default this module tries to connect to localhost:4730 in order to retrieve
Various information. There are also two per-server directives which let you set
The hostname of the server running gearmand, and the gearmand port. Directives
Are GearmanHostname, and GearmanPort.

Nginx version: