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Simple RTL boilerplate for mkdocs and material theme
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برای ساخت مستندات میتوانیم از این ابزار استفاده کنیم. زیبا و راحت و سریع و قابل تغییر!

installation (for linux users)

sudo apt install python3-pip

python3 -m pip install mkdocs-material --user

for zsh users:

echo export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH >> $HOME/.zshrc

source $HOME/.zshrc

for bash users:

echo export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH >> $HOME/.bashrc

source $HOME/.bashrc

Sample Project

git clone

cd rtl-mkdocs

mkdocs serve

open your browser and go to:


For run:

mkdocs server

For Build Statis HTML/CSS/JS:

mkdocs build

More Info

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