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CSharp 6 new features demo
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CSharp 6 new features demo

The project illustrates the new features in C# 6.

Each file has the name of the feature and inside are tests to show how it works.

The format uses a namespace with the feature name, and the a test class with [Test] methods that describe how the new feature works.

For example for String interpolation you have:

   namespace StringInterpolation
       public class Test
           public void Is_the_same_as_string_format() { ... }

           public void Format_modifiers_can_be_used_as_well() { ... }

           public void Any_expression_can_be_used() { ... }

That would read something like:

  • String Interpolation
    • Is the same as string format
    • Format modifiers can be used as well
    • Any expression can be used
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