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TDD Patterns Demo - Prairie Dev Con - Regina 2010

Author: Amir Barylko
Tweeter: @abarylko

The source in this repository inteds to illustrate patterns when applying TDD.

Folder structure of the project:
		--- MavenThought.MediaLibrary.sln : Main solution file
		--- Rakefile: Main rake file to launch build, test, etc. Do rake -T to get all the tasks available.
		--- MavenThought.MediaLibrary.msbuild : MsBuild main file (use rake when possible)
		+-- main: Project files included in the solution
		+-- test: Test project files included in the solution
		+-- lib: Dependencies used by all the projects (nhibernate, nunit, mbunit, etc)
		+-- tools: Tools used to run tests, msbuild tasks, etc.

Prerequisites to run it:
	* Rake: Install ruby or iron ruby with ruby gems to get rake.
		Here some instructions:

	Prerequisites to modify it:
	* VS 2008 SP1
	* ASP .NET MVC 2:
	* Gallio 3.2.420 (or higher): Download from the development builds on the page.
	* Specflow 1.3.0:
Good to have (highly recommended)
	* Resharper:
	* VSCommands: Tool to group and ungroup items (recommended, not required)
Sanity check:
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake -T", u should see all the tasks.
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake build"
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake test:all", all tests should run, u should see the output on the command window.

Check the commit log to follow the steps of the presentation.

Any questions let me know.