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Test Driven Development Patterns for .NET developers
Microsoft Techdays 
Dec 2010

Author: Amir Barylko
Twitter: @abarylko

The source in this repository was used for the demo in the presentation.

Folder structure of the project:
		--- MavenThought.MediaLibrary.sln : Main solution file
		--- Rakefile: Main rake file to launch build, test, etc. Do rake -T to get all the tasks available.
		+-- main: Project files included in the solution
		+-- test: Test project files included in the solution
		+-- lib: Dependencies used by all the projects (nhibernate, nunit, mbunit, etc)
		+-- tools: Tools used to run tests, msbuild tasks, etc.
Prerequisites to run it:
	* Rake: Install ruby or iron ruby with ruby gems to get rake.
		Here some instructions:
	* Install rake: gem install rake
	* Install bundler: gem install bundler
	* Run: rake setup (that should download all dependencies)
Prerequisites to modify it:
	* VS 2010
	* ASP .NET MVC 2:
	* Gallio: Download from
	* Specflow 1.3.0:
Good to have (highly recommended)
	* Resharper:
	* VSCommands: Tool to group and ungroup items (recommended, not required)
Sanity check:
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake -T", u should see all the tasks.
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake build"
	* From command prompt, on the root of the project run "rake test:all", all tests should run, u should see the output on the command window.
If u r attending the presentation and have any issues setting up the code feel free to find me and letting me know, I'll help you with the setup.

Any comments, bugs, issues, please let me know.



Microsoft Techdays 2010 presentation about TDD Patterns



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