An implementation of the standard Hebrew keyboard for Mac OSX.
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An implementation of the standard Hebrew keyboard for Mac OSX.

‫זוהי מקלדת עברית בשביל מחשבי מק, שבנויה לפי תקן 1452 מגרסה 2012, שמשמשת גם בחלונות 8 ובהפצות שונות של גנו/לינוקס. בשביל להתקין, יש להעתיק את קובץ ה־bundle לתיקייה‪ ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts ‬ואחרי־כן לבחור את מקלדת „עברית תקנית 2012” בהעדפות מקלדת.

This implements a Hebrew keyboard for Mac OSX according to the 2012 version of the SI 1452 standard, the same one on which the default Hebrew keyboard in Microsoft Windows 8 and desktop GNU/Linux distributions are based.

This keyboard layout was made with Ukelele. I thank SIL for making Ukelele available.

To install, copy the bundle file to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. After that add the keyboard in the keyboard preferences window.

Use the Alt/Option key to type niqqud and characters such as LRM, ₪ and ־.

If you find any deviations from the standard, mistakes in the documentation or any other bugs, please send patches or create issues.

I hereby call upon Apple, Inc. to adopt this as the default Hebrew keyboard in future releases of Mac OSX. That's supposed to be the point of standards :)

This software is released under the CC0 1.0 Universal license.

Amir E. Aharoni January 2016