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A Sublime Text 2 plugin for switching between header and implementation scripts.

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SwitchScript is a plugin for the Sublime Text 2 editor that adds support for switching between header and source files according to specified extensions within the current active directory tree. This editor ability is very helpful for working with projects that contain a large number of files (eg. C++ projects with .cpp and .hpp and files).

The plugin is flexible to support different project structures, and it makes no assumptions about where your files are stored so long as they're all under one root; the active folder you've opened in the editor.


You can configure SwitchScript in the key bindings file where you bind the command to a key. These are the default options:

defaults = {
  # A list of all the directories that contain source and/or header files
  "paths": ['.', 'include', 'src'],
  # Folders specified in excluded_paths will not be traversed
  "excluded_paths": ['.git', '.svn', '.hg'],

  # Define the extensions you'd like to switch between here
  "header_extensions": ['h', 'hpp', 'hh', 'hxx'],
  "source_extensions": ['c', 'cpp', 'cc', 'cxx', 'm', 'mm'],

  # Useful for debugging
  "logging_enabled": False

What they mean:

  • paths: SwitchScript will first attempt to find a matching file (based on the active file's name and extension) in the file's directory, if that fails, it will look in the include folder, and then in src.
  • excluded_paths contains names of folders that will not be traversed or searched
  • header_extensions and source_extensions specify the extensions of files to switch between.
  • logging_enabled toggles logging; useful if you need to debug the plugin or want to submit a bug

A Sample Configuration

This is a my configuration:

  { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+up"], 
    "command": "switch_script", 
    "args": {
      "options": {
        "paths": [".", "include", "src", "funky"]

I use Ctrl+Alt+Up to switch between files. I've added the funky folder to the paths because I have a funny project which headers are set in funny_project/include/funky/some_class.hpp but the source files are in funny_project/src/some_class.cpp; manually specifying the path will allow SwitchScript to match those two.


The plugin has been tested only on Linux (Arch x86_64) so far. If you come across any bugs or issues on other platforms (or on Linux) you can open a GitHub issue in this repository or email me directly: net.amireh[@]ahmad


A Sublime Text 2 plugin for switching between header and implementation scripts.






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