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Hessian Flow: A Library for Hessian Based Algorithms in Machine Learning

HessianFlow is a pytorch library for Hessian based analysis of neural network models that could be used in conjunction with pytorch. The library currently supports utility functions to compute Hessian spectrum of different neural network models.

ABSA: Adaptive Batch Size with Adversarial training:

This method uses second order information to adaptively increase batch size when SGD training gets to flatter landscapes. Details can be found in this paper. Example codes to run with ABSA:

python --name cifar10 --epochs 90 --lr 0.02 --lr-decay 0.2 --lr-decay-epoch 30 60 --arch c1

python --arch ResNet --lr 0.1 --lr-decay 0.2 --lr-decay-epoch 30 60 80 --large-ratio 128 --method absa

Track Eigen During the whole training procedure of ResNet on cifar10

One could simply modify the above example to track the spectrum of the Hessian throughout training:

python --name cifar10 --epoch 160 --lr 0.1 --lr-decay 0.2 --lr-decay-epoch 60 90 120

Hessian Spectrum Computation

After installing pytoch, the following command trains a ResNet on Cifar-10 and prints the dominant Hessian eigenvalue at every epoch:

python --name cifar10 --epoch 160 --lr 0.1 --lr-decay 0.2 --lr-decay-epoch 60 90 120

You can also use the library to compute Hessian spectrum at different snapshots after training is finished. For instance, here we first train a simple network:

python --name cifar10 --epochs 90 --lr 0.02 --lr-decay 0.2 --lr-decay-epoch 30 60 --arch c1

And afterwards we load the checkpoint and compute the Hessian spectrum at that point:

python --name cifar10 --arch c1 --resume model_param.pkl --eigen-type full


HessianFlow has been developed as part of the following papers. We appreciate it if you would please cite the following if you found the library useful for your work:

  • Z. Yao, A. Gholami, Q. Lei, K. Keutzer, M. Mahoney. Hessian-based Analysis of Large Batch Training and Robustness to Adversaries, NIPS'18 PDF
  • Z. Yao, A. Gholami, K. Keutzer, M. Mahoney. Large Batch Size Training of Neural Networks with Adversarial Training and Second-Order Information, PDF


  • Other eigenvalues of the Hessian can also be computed in a similar way. An interesting extension has been implemented in Noah'srepo for computing other eigenvalues of the Hessian spectrum
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