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ZeroQ: A Novel Zero Shot Quantization Framework


This repository contains the PyTorch implementation for the paper ZeroQ: A Novel Zero-Shot Quantization Framework.


# Code is based on PyTorch 1.2 (Cuda10). Other dependancies could be installed as follows: 
pip install -r requirements.txt --user
# Set a symbolic link to ImageNet validation data (used only to evaluate model) 
mkdir data
ln -s /path/to/imagenet/ data/

The folder structures should be the same as following

├── utils
├── data
│   ├── imagenet
│   │   ├── val

Afterwards you can test Zero Shot quantization with W8A8 by running:


Below are the results that you should get for 8-bit quantization (W8A8 refers to the quantizing model to 8-bit weights and 8-bit activations).

Models Single Precision Top-1 W8A8 Top-1
ResNet18 71.47 71.43
ResNet50 77.72 77.67
InceptionV3 78.88 78.72
MobileNetV2 73.03 72.91
ShuffleNet 65.07 64.94
SqueezeNext 69.38 69.17


  • You can test a single model using the following command:
python [--dataset] [--model] [--batch_size] [--test_batch_size]

optional arguments:
--dataset                   type of dataset (default: imagenet)
--model                     model to be quantized (default: resnet18)
--batch-size                batch size of distilled data (default: 64)
--test-batch-size           batch size of test data (default: 512)


ZeroQ has been developed as part of the following paper. We appreciate it if you would please cite the following paper if you found the implementation useful for your work:

Y. Cai, Z. Yao, Z. Dong, A. Gholami, M. W. Mahoney, K. Keutzer. ZeroQ: A Novel Zero Shot Quantization Framework, under review [PDF].

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