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Automatically closes HTML tags once you finish typing them.
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Fix bug of autoclosing while the completion menu is open.

The return key mapping was causing to select the first suggested
Changed to check if the completion menu is open and close it when needed
on the return mapping.
I described a consequence of this bug here:!topic/spf13-vim-discuss/g-tkIbMzvFM%5B1-25%5D
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ftplugin Fix bug of autoclosing while the completion menu is open.
README Version 0.2: Initial upload


This is a mirror of

Automatically closes HTML tag once you finish typing it with >. It is also smart enough to not autoclose tags when in a comment, when they are self-closing, or when they have already been closed.

So, <body id="foo">, upon typing >, will become <body id="foo">|</body>, where | is the cursor.
But, if you type <img src="bar.png">, the script knows to keep it the same.
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