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This is ns-3-allinone.

If you have downloaded this in tarball release format, this directory
contains some released ns-3 version, along with 3rd party components
necessary to support all optional ns-3 features, such as Python
bindings and Network Simulation Cradle.  In this case, just run the
script; all the components, plus ns-3 itself, will thus be

If, on the other hand, you have obtained this by cloning the mercurial
repository, this directory only contains a few python scripts:
     This script will take care of downloading all necessary
     components, including pybindgen, NSC, regression testing traces,
     along with cloning a ns-3 repository.  By default, the main
     development ns-3 branch, ns-3-dev, will be cloned, but it can be
     overridden via the -n command line option.  For example,
       ./ -n craigdo/ns-3-tap

     will clone the repository
     into the allinone directory.

     By default, the regression traces will be cloned from the usual into a directory
     ns-3-dev-ref-traces in the allinone directory.  You can override
     this using the -r command line option.  For example,

       ./ -n craigdo/ns-3-tap -r craigdo/ns-3-tap-ref-traces

     will clone the repository
     into the allinone directory and also clone the reference traces
     from the repo.

     This script will be all external components that need to be
     built, and then will build ns-3 using the downloaded components.