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title: "In the Wild"
output: rmarkdown::html_vignette
vignette: >
%\VignetteIndexEntry{In the Wild}
Here, I try to keep a list of websites that are using 'preferably' for their
'pkgdown' documentation. Feel free to add your website to the list, or ping me
on [Twitter](, and I can just add it to the
- [sfthemes]( San Francisco Themes
- [rticulate]( Ultrasound Tongue Imaging in R
- [tinymv]( Tidy Model Visualization for Generalized Additive Models
- [bitmexr]( R Client for the bitmex exchange
- [poweRof10]( Tools to scrape data from athletics rankings website
- [tinieR]( Shrink image file sizes with the TinyPNG API.
- [speakr]( A Wrapper for the Phonetic Software Praat
- [ggstatsplot]( Enhancing ggplot2 plots with statistical analysis 📊🎨📣
- [statsExpressions]( Dataframes and expressions with statistical details
- [broomExtra]( Helpers for regression analyses using broom & easystats packages 📈 🔍
- [pairwiseComparisons]( Pairwise comparison tests for one-way designs 🔬📝
- [kittyR]( Bring those kitties and their meows to R console 🐈🐈🐈
- [metafor]( A Meta-Analysis Package for R
- [metadat]( Meta-Analysis Datasets for R
- [distilltools]( A collection of tools to support the creation and styling of content on {distill} websites
- [zipcodeR]( Data & functions for working with US ZIP codes
- [njtr1]( Download, analyze & clean New Jersey car crash data
- [did2s]( Two-stage Difference-in-Differences package following Gardner (2021)
- [Repeatr]( Analysis and modelling of Fugazi Live Series metadata.
- [jfa]( Bayesian and Classical Audit Sampling
- [overviewR]( Easily Extracting Information About Your Data