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PhD Stuff

This is primarily a dumping ground for all the scripts/macros/etc I wrote and used for various bits of my PhD. Most of this is my own work but parts borrow heavily from previous work by colleagues (adapted for the needs of my experiments).

I'm putting it up here for the following reasons:

  • To get better at using/understanding git
  • To collate all the random stuff into one accessible place

A bunch of the stuff was written on a PC (e.g the VB programs) some on a Mac (e.g. the later excel macros) and some on a Linux box (Matlab scripts). I don't want to forget this stuff and I don't want it to stay scattered in different places. Hence trying to collate it all together. Ideally I'd have gone through everything and kept only the snippets that were useful but I can't really be bothered.

Most of the scripts are probably really embarrasing but I figure no-one's looking at these repos anyway ;)