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title: "Things to do before I die"
author: Amir Chaudhry
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+This is the current version of a list I first made when I was 12/13. I know I have the original sheet of paper somewhere but it's in one of those really safe places which I can never remember. This is the electronic version.
-<a href="#"><img class="center" src="#"></a>
-&#x20; <iframe>lipsum</iframe>
+### To Do
-Things to do before I die
+- Learn a martial art (properly)
+- Learn a musical instrument (less properly)
+- Write a short story
+- Finish a (half)triathlon
+- Live in Japan/South Korea for a year
-Learn another language
-Live in another country for a year
-Live in Japan/South Korea for a year
-Learn a martial art (properly)
-Learn a musical instrument (less properly)
-Skydive (more than once)
-Be published (anything -> academic articles count)
-Write a short story
+### Done
+- Learn another language
+- Live in another country for a year
+- Be published (academic articles count)
+- Skydive (more than once)

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