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+layout: post
+title: "Do you have a Dropbox problem?"
+author: Amir Chaudhry
+tags: []
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+Essentiallty this boils down to, are people asking for you service or do you have to find creative ways to reframe your solution/problem.
+examples: motor car quote (faster horse)
+dropbox, nobody searches for 'how do i store files online'. In fact, look at some old quotes where peopel didn;t even see a need for the service!
+If you have a dropbox problem, then you'll have to get creative. Airtime may have faced this if they'd tried to do customer dev. Sometime you really do have to follow a vision and let people try something. especially when it's so new they can't otherwise understand it.
+vis FB, twitter, Airtime, dropbox etc

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