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Unikernel to serve static website

These are the files needed to generate a mirage unikernel from a Jekyll static site. The content of the *.ml files are taken from the mirage_skeleton repository, specifically, the static_website folder. There are only minor tweaks to point to the _site folder where Jekyll puts its generated output. As such, these files should work with any Jekyll site.

Travis CI is used to build the unikernel and push it into another repo for downstream deployment. The .travis.yml file in the root of this repo tells Travis what to do, which is essentially to run the .travis.sh script in this folder.

Since these files are copy/pasted from another repo, the following links should help to check if things have been updated upstream

Files are from: https://github.com/mirage/mirage-skeleton/tree/c88d2b842af8df50761f89b9fc779258643d0cd6/static_website

Latest versions are:

Original README content

Put static files into the htdocs/ directory.

For a Xen DHCP kernel, do:

$ env DHCP=true mirage configure --xen $ make $ make run

edit www.xl to add a VIF, e.g. via:

vif = ['bridge=xenbr0']

And then run the VM via xl create -c www.xl