2048 unikernel demo for FOSDEM 2015
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Unikernel to serve 2048 game from a cubieboard.

This repo contains the files needed to set up and serve the 2048 game from a cubieboard. This repo needs to be cloned and built on a cubieboard for the resulting unikernel to work. The game itself is pure javascript, hence the server only has to send the information once (the code for the game is taken from a prior tutorial).

This repo assumes that you already have a cubieboard set up using the pre-built images. From that point on, the information in cubie_setup.md will help you set up the networking so that you can run the unikernel and actually serve a page. The files in scripts/ will help make it easier to set up your board in the same way (just sudo cp the relevant files into the appropriate places). NB you might want to configure the board to run scripts/run_unikernel on every boot, so that no manual input is required.

Note about the *.ml files

These are the files needed to generate a mirage unikernel from a static site. The content of the *.ml files are taken from the mirage_skeleton repository, specifically, the static_website folder.

Travis CI is used to build the unikernel for test purposes.

Since the config/dispatch files are lifted from another repo, the following links should help to check if things have been updated upstream.

Files are from: https://github.com/mirage/mirage-skeleton/commit/1709bad5bac9484b8feb476aa6803e464d66057b

Latest versions are:

Original README content

Put static files into the htdocs/ directory.

For a Xen DHCP kernel, do:

$ env DHCP=true mirage configure --xen $ make $ make run

edit www.xl to add a VIF, e.g. via:

vif = ['bridge=xenbr0']

And then run the VM via xl create -c www.xl