Python asyncio bindings for foundationdb
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asyncio drivers for foundationdb tested with CPython 3.5+

In [1]: import found
In [2]: import asyncio
In [3]: found.api_version(600)
In [4]: loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
In [5]: db = loop.run_until_complete(
In [6]: tr = db._create_transaction()
In [7]: loop.run_until_complete(tr.get(b'hello'))
In [8]: tr.set(b'hello', b'world')
In [9]: loop.run_until_complete(tr.get(b'hello'))
Out[9]: b'world'

Also @transactional is also supported.

Getting started

pip install asyncio-foundationdb


You must read the official python api documentation, it is awesome.

In general, the asyncio bindings are the same except there is async and await that must be added here and there.

Here are differences with the synchronous bindings:

  • no shorthand syntax like: foo[b'bar']
  • You can do value is None instead of value == None
  • Transaction.get_range returns a list of (key, value) pairs

If something is missing it's a bug, please fill an issue.