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generic tuple store
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amirouche v0.14.0 (#23)
* Initial version of joos paper

* Change (again) licence to Affero GPL

* User visible change: expose a `prefix` argument to use the underlying okvs with multiple abstractions.
Latest commit f108f8e Jul 7, 2019



hoply is a generic n-tuple store that can be used to create a triplestore or a quadstore or whatever.

Checkout the for a glimpse on how to use it.

Getting started

git clone

And read the documentation at docs/source/index.html.



  • Move to a new storage backend API inspired from [SRFI-167]( in particular expose a prefix argument in Hoply so that it is possible to hook multiple abstractions to the same OKVS database.
  • Replace h.compose with It might be more familiar to Pythonista and the result is similar to what the SPARQL SELECT does and somewhat similar to what SQL SELECT does.
  • Drop helpers
  • Makefile: bring back WiredTiger


  • fix bug in prefix construction during querying affecting all queries


  • fix bug in is_permutation_prefix and add Transaction.add


  • moar doc
  • add memory backend
  • add leveldb backend


  • README++


  • Changed the public interface
  • Implement generic n-tuple store
  • wiredtiger backend


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