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warmup template for oak based mvc applications
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RakeDotNet updated to latest rake-dot-net and nspec
StackTracePreview incorporating stack trace preview
__NAME__.Tests test project references
__NAME__ added reference to system.web.optimizations
nginx updated to latest rake-dot-net and nspec
.gitignore added gemfile
Gemfile added gemfile
Rakefile.rb See Oak commit here:
__NAME__.v12.suo added reference to system.web.optimizations
dev.yml updated nspec
dotnet.watchr.rb updated specwatchr
green.png moved file up a directory
red.png moved file up a directory
scaffold.rb better info for nokogiri
sidekick.bat added sidekick
sidekickapp.cs updated sidekick
stacktrace.rb fixing rake task
watcher_dot_net.rb updated specwatchr to 1.7.5
watchr.bat updated watchr depracation message
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