Simple redis backed todo app.
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Make simplicity in code.

Todo App (MIT License)

Simple redis backed todo app.

Install Node and Redis

Go to and install NodeJS

Go to and install Redis

Run Locally

Make sure your redis server is running, you can run the following command to start it up:


Install all the dependencies:

npm install (you may need to prefix this with sudo if you're on Mac)

Run the app:

node server.js

Then navigate to http://localhost:3000

Signing up, and deploying to Heroku


From, click Documentation, then click the Getting Started button, then click Node.js from the list of options on the left...which will take you here:

Install Heroku toolbelt from here:

Sign up via the website (no credit card required).

Login using the command line tool:

heroku login

Create your heroku app:

heroku create

Add redis to your app

heroku addons:add redistogo:nano

The Redis connection in Heroku is provided by an enviornment variable process.env.REDISTOGO_URL.

Git deploy your app:

git push heroku master

Open the app (same as opening it in the browser):

heroku open

And your app should be up on Heroku.