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RubyMotion documentation provided by the community. Submit a pull request to the docs for a free one year indie subscription.
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Contribute to RubyMotion documentation here. This is the community driven part of RubyMotion documentation will be published to the site piece meal.

This repo also serves as a place to open GH issues, ask questions, and get help. Feel free to open up tickets as needed. Issues brought up in the RubyMotion Community Forum will also be tracked here.

To run the website:

>gem install bundler
>bundle install
>open http://localhost:4000
>bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Then Reload http://localhost:4000.

Take a look at the help wanted tag for easy contributions. Anything substantial, and I'll happily set you up with a free Indie License to RubyMotion :-)

Open source RubyMotion repoistories:

  • The repository for RubyMotion templates is here.
  • The repository for RubyMotion cli commands is here.
  • The repository for RubyMotion SDK metadata generation is here.
  • The repository for RubyMotion metadata artifacts is here.
  • The repository for RubyMotion build is here.
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