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go Defining a base theme, which can be overriden by derivative projects … Jun 8, 2018
protos Add logging for selected text and split screen May 25, 2018
quickstep Merge "Revert "Use clear-all recent tasks call"" into ub-launcher3-ed… Aug 22, 2018
res Launcher3: Detach tall device hotseat size change from drag indicator Jun 19, 2019
shade Always make FastBitmapDrawables for Quickstep recents task icons Aug 21, 2019
src/com/android/launcher3 Launcher3: Keep spring adaptive icon hidden until drag starts Aug 21, 2019
src_flags/com/android/launcher3/config Simplifying FeatureFlags by moving common flags to a base class. Jul 24, 2017
src_ui_overrides/com/android/launcher3/uioverrides Defer starting the high-res thumbnail loader until quick step/scrub Jul 18, 2018
tests Launcher3: Add a fifth shortcut on long press in portrait mode Jun 5, 2019
.gitignore Require privapp grants for all launcher3 apps Feb 6, 2019
AndroidManifest-common.xml Using the system color extraction logic instead of inbuild logic May 4, 2018
AndroidManifest.xml Launcher3: Set protection level of read/write to signature May 10, 2019
NOTICE android-2.1_r1 snapshot Jan 12, 2010
OWNERS Create OWNERS file in master branch Jan 18, 2019
build.gradle Updating dialtacts to new package. Aug 21, 2012 Tweaking print_db script to take grid size directly. Sep 14, 2015
proguard.flags Some launcher3 fixes so that it compiles with different configurations May 31, 2018
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