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This is for v0.6 of RecordGenerator.

Documentation available at (or in docs folder).


C# Record Generator makes creating immutable record types a breeze! Just adorn your data class with [Record] attribute and keep your code clean and simple. The backing code is generated on build-time, including IntelliSense support (just save the file, Visual Studio will make a build in background).

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Installation, usage, examples and all other docs available at

using System;
using Amadevus.RecordGenerator;

namespace QuickDemo
    [Record(Features.Default | Features.Equality)]
    public sealed partial class Contact
        public int Id { get; }
        public string Name { get; }
        public string Email { get; }
        public DateTime? Birthday { get; }

    public static class Program
        public static void Main()
            var adam = new Contact.Builder
                Id = 1,
                Name = "Adam Demo",
                Email = ""
            var adamWithBday = adam.WithBirthday(DateTime.UtcNow);
            Console.WriteLine("Pretty display: " + adamWithBday);
            // Pretty display: { Id = 1, Name = Adam Demo, Email =, Birthday = 06.01.2020 23:17:06 }
            Console.WriteLine("Check equality: " + adam.Equals(adamWithBday));
            // Check equality: False
            Console.WriteLine("Check equality: " + adam.Equals(new Contact(1, "Adam Demo", "", null)));
            // Check equality: True

The above is taken from QuickDemo sample


To build the solution, .NET Core SDK v3.1.100 is required, as specified in global.json.


Amadevus.RecordGenerator wouldn't work if not for @AArnott AArnott's CodeGeneration.Roslyn.

Analyzers in Amadevus.RecordGenerator.Analyzers were inspired by's analyzers.


All contributions are welcome, as well as critique. If you have any issues, problems or suggestions - please open an issue.

Visual Studio logo ™ Microsoft Corporation, used without permission.

RecordGenerator logo (on top) © 2017 Amadeusz Sadowski, all rights reserved.

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