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Example for use of hledger.

See Blog post


  • brew from here
  • Or stack from here
  • Or with Docker docker pull dastapov/hledger


hledger-ui -f hledger.journal --watch -b='last week' -2 and then: right, F (shift + f) to see future events

Or with Docker

docker container run --rm -it --volume="$PWD:/data" dastapov/hledger hledger-ui -f /data/hledger.journal --watch -b='last week' -2

More examples

Get all Israeli credit card expenses by month

hledger -f hledger.journal reg -H expenses:israel:cc -3 -M

Reorder dates

We can use hledger -f hledger.journal check-dates to confirm all transactions are ordered by date.

If they are not, we can use ./ hledger.journal to have it re-ordered.

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