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This is client side library extracted from natural language processing library for node


You just need to include natural.js in your project and can use following libraries from natural library.

Now you can access following object from natural.

SoundEx Metaphone DoubleMetaphone PorterStemmer PorterStemmerRu LancasterStemmer AggressiveTokenizerRu AggressiveTokenizer RegexpTokenizer WordTokenizer WordPunctTokenizer TreebankWordTokenizer NounInflector PresentVerbInflector CountInflector TfIdf SentenceAnalyzer NGrams JaroWinklerDistance LevenshteinDistance DiceCoefficient

All these objects are inside namespace natural


You can use SoundEx using

if('phonetics', 'fonetix')) console.log('they sound alike!');

More Usage Examples

For more examples visit natural readme


It doesn't yet support Classifiers and Wordnet.

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