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<p><b>What is this site?</b>
<p> This is a web based search assistant to make searching on the web easier. It provides a sidebar for you regular searches and makes it easy to keep track of what you searched for in the past.
<p>Suppose you search for PHP related terms regularly (probably you are learning and using it) then you will get side bar whenever you search any term containing "php".
<p>Check it out here: <a href="search.htm#%23php"></a>
<p><b>How should I start using it?</b>
<p> Add <i><b>Red</b></i> as your default search engine. <a href="#" onclick="installSearchEngine(); return false;">Click Here</a>
<p>Add some keyword <a href="keywords.php">here</a> And magic will start.
<p>For more information on how to get started click <a href="start.php">Getting started</a>
<p><b>What about my privacy? I am not comfortable letting my all search queries pass through Red.</b>
<p> In simple words, you don't have to worry about Red logging your searches since nothing will be logged without your explicit knowledge.
<p> Searches that don't contain "<a href="keywords.php">tracked keywords</a>" won't be tracked by Red. Red will know only about the searches that you explicitly ask to track.
<p> Red will have <b>zero</b> footprint (No network traffic, no log on our server or any server, no client side log) for other searches.
<p> For people who know little bit about computer(little javascript/html/http knowledge is enough), you don't have to go with my word. Check source of <a href="search.htm">search.htm</a> and see it for yourself.
<p> For little long explaination go check <a href="privacy.php">privacy</a>.
<p><b>I have some suggestions. I want to see a feature. Or just want to say hi..</b>
<p> Leave me a mail here at <a href=" on Red"></a>