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Azure Websites Log Browser - Site Extension

This is an implementation of a site extension for Azure Websites that knows how to read the site's different logs including: http logs and application logs from different sources - file system azure blob storage and azure table storage.

You can also use the code in this site extension as a sample for building your own site extension

Things to note:

  • This is a Web API project that also contains some .cshtml (razor) files, a site extension can be any kind ofsite (plain html, node.js, php, etc).
  • WebSiteLogs.nuspec contains the metadata for the nuget package that is later installed as the site extension, this is used to build the package later uploaded to
  • build.cmd contains the logic to build the project and the nuget package.
  • ThatLogExtension\applicationHost.xdt contains the logic to transform the azure site in order to include the site extension, it mainly has the prefix url for the site extension.