A Hacker News reader iOS app written in Swift.
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A Hacker News reader iOS app written in Swift.


  • View "top", "newest", and "show" posts from Hacker News.
  • Read posts using the SFSafariViewController component.
  • Uses the official Firebase-based Hacker News API.

Getting Started

  1. git clone https://github.com/amitburst/HackerNews.git
  2. cd HackerNews
  3. pod install (requires CocoaPods)
  4. Open HackerNews.xcworkspace in Xcode 8.0 or higher.


Please feel free to help out with this project! If you see something that could be made better or want a new feature, open up an issue or send a Pull Request! I don't really plan on putting this out on the App Store, but I think it's a great learning resource for those interested in iOS development with Swift.


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