Functional boilerplate script to publish your new (Django) project to Slicehost using Fabric/Git/WSGI.
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Fast deploy a new Django Project to a Slicehost Slice

    Set variables in and then execute console, or run through terminal.

What it does:
Will take your existing project and deploy to a Slicehost Slice including:
 - Create server entry to Apache sites-available and symlink to sites-enabled.
 - Create project folder, create a fresh virtualenv, blank git repo and populate with the following structure:
     |   |--PROJECT_DIR
     |   |--apache

    - PROJECT_ROOT_DIR: New dir created for your project.
    - PROJECT_DIR: Dir created to host the project through apache/wsgi.
    - apache: Includes WSGI deployment: site.wsgi
	- Configured for use with virtualenv
    - repo: Blank GIT repo to push to.
	- Will be added as remote origin to your existing project repo

 - Add a (sub)domain to your Slicehost Slice via the Slicehost API.

 - Fabric -
 - jinja2 -
 - virtualenv -
    Not necessary though highly recommended - if not available script will adapt.

This will likely act as a boiler plate for you since it has many dependencies regarding server setup.
There are a number of hard coded variables that match my diretory structure which you may or may not agree with.

Servers used: Ubuntu Server, Apache2, WSGI
(Forks for other setups welcomed - NGINX etc...)