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Code & Craft Web App

Features the tools & timers used for Code & Craft events. Made with D3.

Live Site


Development Notes

  • We use a forked GifLoopCoder, included as a git subtree at /public/vendor/glc. If editing GLC, run grunt build at /public/vendor/gifloopcoder/
  • Assets in /public are built with webpack and output to /dist
  • Assets in /dist folder shouldn't be directly edited; they will be overwritten by a webpack build. Instead, edit the files in the /public directory.

Project Setup

  • Install editorconfig plugin in your text editor.
$ npm install
$ npm install -g webpack gulp grunt


$ webpack --progress --watch
$ npm start

View the site at http://localhost:3000.


  • $ ssh root@ # Must be permissioned.
  • $ cd code-and-craft
  • $ git pull
  • $ npm i
  • $ webpack
  • $ pm2 restart all
  • If errors (502 Bad Gateway), check pm2 logs. $ pm2 logs

"Interconnected" app

Video Capture Process for GLC

  • Created new Recorder class in GLC.
  • Hook start/stop recording into Scheduler.
  • Compile now triggers a restart of the loop (through MainController), in order to restart the recording.



Amit Kumar http://www.amitkumar.com

Image Inspirations