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Catalog - a file manager application for Desktop
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In library and information science, cataloging is the process of creating metadata representing information resources, such as books, sound recordings, moving images, etc.

-- WIkipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Catalog is a free, open-source file manager application. It helps organize files on local drives by adding categories to files. Users get the same user interface to manage their files on different platforms. Catalog is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. The application requires neither internet connection, nor user's registration to run on desktop devices.

Catalog App Screenshot


Desktop application

Operating System Download
Windows Get it on Windows
macOS Get it on macOS
Linux Get it on Linux

Web Clipper browser extension

The Web Clipper browser extension is an optional companion to the Desktop application, It offers the ability to capture screenshots from websites for later reference.

Browser Download
Firefox Get extension for Firefox
Chrome Get extension for Google Chrome


Digital file organization using folders is inefficient due to limitations of the folder concept itself. Catalog offers an alternative way to organize files using a concept of categories instead. Unlike the folder to file relationship of one-to-many, Catalog implements a relationship of many-to-many between a category and a file.

📰 Read more about it here

Getting Started

New users are encouraged to visit the 🚀 Getting Started guide in order to learn how to create their Catalog instance and how Catalog saves all of its files.


npm run develop


Logo uses modified version of the "Sitemap" SVG asset by Font Awesome, as made available for public use by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license


Copyright © 2019 Amit Novick. Distributed under the GNU AFFERO PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3. See separate LICENSE file.

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