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Example implementation of Oracle's optimizer statistics gathering row source.


a) Oracle JDBC driver ojdbc6.jar
b) IndexMinPQ and Queue implementation from algs4.jar (


a) Download the above jar files and add them to the classpath
b) Compile all the java source files in this repository in a single directory - Implements approximate NDV algorithm to estimate NDV - Implements Count-Min sketch data structure (Thanks Michael Spiegel) (at - Implements Count sketch data structure. - Implements Top-K algorithm using either count-min or count sketch - Implements Murmur2 hashing (Thanks Andrzej Bialecki at getopt org) - Data structure used in to put on priority queue. - Data structure to hold column statistics and sketches - Main driver that uses all of the above to estimate NDV and top-n frequencies.
Change the sql in the main method. The sql should be like select a.rowid, a.col1, a.col2 .... from table a