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Hello User, this application “Address Book” is an amazing android application that will help you out in adding, deleting ,updating and searching your contacts.
It will also help you out in making a call, sending an sms and sending an email.
How to install “Address Book”:
• Extract the zipped file.
• Then you have the addressbook folder.
• Inside this folder you will have many different folders such as res, bin, gen, lib etc.
• Click on bin folder ,here you can find out phonebook.apk file. Just right click and send to your phone that you have connected to the laptop through your data cable.
• Install the app using html viewer or the software that your phone has to run the apk file.
• Finally you are having your address book app.
How to add and update details of your contact:
• Since we have used a popup menu so it will appear when you will click on the menu button present below your touchscreen.
How to send email,sms and make a call in android:
• When you will you get the list of contacts that you have added then by long pressing any contact name u will get a context menu on the screen.
• You can call, send an email or an sms to your contact.
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