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(ns org.rathore.amit.frumios.core)
(declare new-object find-method)
(defn new-class [class-name parent methods]
(let [klass ((comp resolve symbol name) class-name)]
(fn [command & args]
(= :parent command) parent
(= :name command) klass
(= :method-names command) (keys methods)
(= :methods command) methods
(= :new command) (new-object klass)
(= :method command)
(let [[method-name] args]
(find-method method-name methods parent))
:else (throw (RuntimeException. (str "Unknown message: " command)))))))
(def OBJECT (new-class :org.rathore.amit.frumios.core/OBJECT nil {}))
(def this)
(defn new-object [klass]
(let [state (ref {})]
(fn thiz [command & args]
(= :class command) klass
(= :set! command) (let [[k v] args]
(dosync (alter state assoc k v))
(= :get command) (let [[key] args]
(state key))
:else (let [method (klass :method command)]
(if method
(binding [this thiz]
(apply method args))))))))
(defn find-method [method-name instance-methods parent-class]
(let [method (instance-methods method-name)]
(or method
(if-not (= #'org.rathore.amit.frumios.core/OBJECT parent-class)
(find-method method-name (parent-class :methods) (parent-class :parent))))))
(defn parent-class-spec [sexprs]
(let [extends-spec (filter #(= :extends (first %)) sexprs)
extends (first extends-spec)]
(if (empty? extends)
(if-not (= 1 (count extends-spec))
(throw (RuntimeException. "defclass only accepts a single extends clause")))
(if-not (= 2 (count extends))
(throw (RuntimeException. "the extends clause only accepts a single parent class")))
(last extends)))))
(defn method-spec [sexpr]
(let [name (keyword (second sexpr))
remaining (next sexpr)]
{name (conj remaining 'fn)}))
(defn method-specs [sexprs]
(let [method-spec? #(= 'method (first %))
specs (filter method-spec? sexprs)]
(apply merge (map method-spec sexprs))))
(defmacro defclass [class-name & specs]
(let [parent-class-symbol (parent-class-spec specs)
this-class-name (keyword class-name)
fns (method-specs specs)]
`(def ~class-name
(new-class ~this-class-name (var ~parent-class-symbol) ~(or fns {})))))
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