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ack-ing the incoming messages inside top-level finally

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commit b05072d563be1b28d9c394da77e3c77237351890 1 parent 0290d2d
@amitrathore authored
Showing with 8 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +8 −9 src/org/runa/swarmiji/sevak/sevak_core.clj
17 src/org/runa/swarmiji/sevak/sevak_core.clj
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
(doseq [n @namespaces-to-reload]
(require n :reload)))
-(defn execute-sevak [service-name service-handler service-args ack-fn]
+(defn execute-sevak [service-name service-handler service-args]
(let [response-with-time (run-and-measure-timing
(apply (:fn service-handler) service-args))
@@ -76,14 +76,12 @@
(throw ie))
(catch Exception e
(log-exception e (str "SEVAK ERROR! " (class e) " detected while running " service-name " with args: " service-args))
- {:exception (exception-name e) :stacktrace (stacktrace e) :status :error})
- (finally
- (ack-fn))))
+ {:exception (exception-name e) :stacktrace (stacktrace e) :status :error})))
-(defn handle-sevak-request [service-handler sevak-name service-args return-q ack-fn]
+(defn handle-sevak-request [service-handler sevak-name service-args return-q]
(let [response (merge
{:return-q-name return-q :sevak-name sevak-name :sevak-server-pid (process-pid)}
- (execute-sevak sevak-name service-handler service-args ack-fn))]
+ (execute-sevak sevak-name service-handler service-args))]
(when (and return-q (:return service-handler))
(send-message-no-declare return-q response))))
@@ -96,12 +94,13 @@
service-handler (@sevaks service-name)]
(log-message "Received request for" service-name "with args:" service-args "and return-q:" return-q)
(when (nil? service-handler)
- (ack-fn)
(throw (Exception. (str "No handler found for: " service-name))))
- (handle-sevak-request service-handler service-name service-args return-q ack-fn))
+ (handle-sevak-request service-handler service-name service-args return-q))
(catch Exception e
(log-message "Error in sevak-request-handling-listener:" (class e))
- (log-exception e)))))
+ (log-exception e))
+ (finally
+ (ack-fn)))))
(defn start-processors [routing-key number-of-processors start-log-message]
(let [processor #(with-swarmiji-bindings
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