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1 parent 0e48b3e commit 8aa8e12b143e75cb5913d1fc78014ed8e3648689 @amitrathore committed Nov 24, 2010
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  1. +17 −17 src/org/runa/swarmiji/sevak/sevak_core.clj
@@ -27,30 +27,30 @@
(defn sevak-info [sevak-name realtime? needs-response? function]
{:name sevak-name :return needs-response? :realtime realtime? :fn function})
-(defmacro create-runner [realtime? service-name needs-response? args expr]
- `(let [sevak-name# (keyword (str '~service-name))]
- (dosync (alter sevaks assoc sevak-name# (sevak-info sevak-name# ~realtime? ~needs-response? (fn ~args (do ~@expr)))))
- (def ~service-name (sevak-runner ~realtime? sevak-name# ~needs-response?))))
+(defmacro create-sevak-from-function
+ ([function realtime? needs-response?]
+ `(let [sevak-name# (keyword '~function)]
+ (dosync (alter sevaks assoc sevak-name# (sevak-info sevak-name# ~realtime? ~needs-response? ~function)))
+ (def ~function (sevak-runner ~realtime? sevak-name# ~needs-response?))))
+ ([function]
+ (create-sevak-from-function function true true)))
+(defmacro create-function-and-sevak [service-name realtime? needs-response? args expr]
+ `(do
+ (def ~service-name (fn ~args (do ~@expr)))
+ (create-sevak-from-function ~service-name ~realtime? ~needs-response?)))
(defmacro defsevak [service-name args & expr]
- `(create-runner true ~service-name true ~args ~expr))
+ `(create-function-and-sevak ~service-name true true ~args ~expr))
(defmacro defseva [service-name args & expr]
- `(create-runner true ~service-name false ~args ~expr))
+ `(create-function-and-sevak ~service-name true false ~args ~expr))
(defmacro defsevak-nr [service-name args & expr]
- `(create-runner false ~service-name true ~args ~expr))
+ `(create-function-and-sevak ~service-name false true ~args ~expr))
(defmacro defseva-nr [service-name args & expr]
- `(create-runner false ~service-name false ~args ~expr))
-(defmacro create-sevak-from-function
- ([function needs-response? realtime?]
- `(let [sevak-name# (keyword '~function)]
- (dosync (alter sevaks assoc sevak-name# (sevak-info sevak-name# ~realtime? ~needs-response? ~function)))
- (def ~function (sevak-runner ~realtime? (keyword sevak-name#) ~needs-response?))))
- ([function]
- (create-sevak-from-function function true true)))
+ `(create-function-and-sevak ~service-name false false ~args ~expr))
(defn always-reload-namespaces [& namespaces]
(reset! namespaces-to-reload namespaces))
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
(let [response (merge
{:return-q-name return-q :sevak-name sevak-name :sevak-server-pid (process-pid)}
(handle-sevak-request sevak-name service-handler service-args ack-fn))]
- (if (and return-q (:return service-handler))
+ (when (and return-q (:return service-handler))
(send-message-no-declare return-q response)))))
(defn sevak-request-handling-listener [req-str ack-fn]

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