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Run Beaker's Integration Tests in a Docker container

This may be relevant to you if you are working on (or are looking to start working on) Beaker (

Using it

Docker images based off Fedora 21 (beakerproject/beaker-development-fedora-21), CentOS 6.6 (beakerproject/beaker-development-centos-6) and CentOS 7 ((beakerproject/beaker-development-centos-7)) are available from the docker hub account of the Beaker project (

To run the tests on Fedora 21:

cd Fedora21
./ /path/to/beaker bkr.inttest.client.test_job_logs

To run the tests on CentOS 6:

cd CentOS6
./ /path/to/beaker bkr.inttest.client.test_job_logs

To run the tests on CentOS 7:

cd CentOS7
./ /path/to/beaker bkr.inttest.client.test_job_logs

If the second argument is not specified, the entire test suite is run.

The tests should start running after mariadb server has been configured and started. We do no use a persistent data volume for the data because we want multiple container instances running simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Once the tests have completed running, you will be back to your host:

141224 19:55:32 mysqld_safe Logging to '/var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log'.
141224 19:55:32 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
mysqld is alive
+ env BEAKER_CONFIG_FILE=server-test.cfg PYTHONPATH=../Common:../Server:../LabController/src:../Client/src:../IntegrationTests/src python -c '__requires__ = ["Cherry    Py < 3.0"]; import pkg_resources; from nose.core import main; main()' bkr.inttest.client.test_job_logs

Ran 9 tests in 251.235s


The local copy of your beaker is now in the docker image, you can continue working on your host's working copy making other changes, running other tests, etc.

Use cases

  • Work on the beaker code base, running different tests simultaneously
  • Run tests on different distros


The creates a temporary sub-directory of the form beaker-in-dockerXX from the directory you invoked the script from. It is cleaned up after the test run is complete.

The container executing the tests (named as beaker-tests-run-xx) are not cleaned up.