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Improved Stereo Matching with Constant Highway Networks and Reflective Loss

This implements the full pipeline of our paper Improved Stereo Matching with Constant Highway Networks and Reflective Loss by Amit Shaked and Lior Wolf

The repository contains

  • Training of the Constant Highway Network to compute the matching cost
  • A few post processing steps taken from MC-CNN
  • Training of the Global Disparity Network with the Reflective Loss
  • A confidence based outlier detection and interpolation


  • Install Torch on a machine with CUDA GPU
  • Install cuDNN v4 or v5 and the Torch cuDNN bindings If you already have Torch installed, update nn, cunn, and cudnn.
  • Install OpenCV 2.4 and png++
  • A NVIDIA GPU with at least 6 GB of memory is required to run on the KITTI data set and 12 GB to run on the Middlebury data set.

The code is released under the BSD 2-Clause license. Please cite our paper if you use code from this repository in your work.

  title={Improved Stereo Matching with Constant Highway Networks and Reflective Loss},
  author={Shaked, Amit and Wolf, Lior},
  journal={arXiv preprint arxiv:1701.00165},


Create directory for the data to be stored and link it under the name "storage" where the README file is

ln -s [your_dir] storage

Or simply create a storage directory

mkdir storage

Run mkdirs script:


Compile the shared libraries:


The command should produce the files:, and in the lib dir.


  • Download the KITTI 2012 data set and unzip it into storage/data.kitti/unzip (you should end up with a file storage/data.kitti/unzip/training/image_0/000000_10.png) and
  • Download the KITTI 2015 data set and unzip it into storage/data.kitti2015/unzip (you should end up with a file storage/data.kitti2015/unzip/training/image_2/000000_10.png).

Run the preprocessing script:

scripts/preprocess_kitti.lua -color rgb -storage storage

It should output:

dataset 2012
dataset 2015


Run to download the training data (this can take a long time, depending on your internet connection).


The data set is downloaded into the data.mb/unzip directory.

Compile the MiddEval3-SDK. You should end up with the computemask binary in one of the directories listed in your PATH enviromential variable.

Install ImageMagick; the preprocessing steps requires the convert binary to resize the images.

Run the preprocessing script:

mkdir storage/data.mb.imperfect_gray
scripts/ imperfect gray

It should output:


The preprocessing is slow (it takes around 30 minutes) the first time it is run, because the images have to be resized.


Enter the src directory. The main.lua file contains different training and testing options:

  • 'a' is the action, it can be can be 'train_mcn' to train the matching cost network, 'train_gdn' to train the global disparity network, 'test' to check the pipeline on the validation set and 'submit' to create the submission file for the online evaluation servers
  • 'ds' is the dataset (kitti, kitti2015 or mb)
  • 'mc' is the matching cost architecture to use
  • 'm' is the mode ('fast', 'acrt' or 'hybrid' for the hybrid loss)
  • 'gdn' is the global disparity network architecture. Use 'ref' for reflective. Don't use this option when training the matching cost network
  • 'all' is to train on both training and validation data. When choosing this option the gdn will be automatically trained and the submission file would be created.

See opts.lua for other options.


Try training the hybrid Resmatch matching cost network:

th main.lua -ds kitti -a train_mcn -mc resmatch -m hybrid

And then training the gdn with the reflective loss, using this matching cost network:

th main.lua -ds kitti -a train_gdn -mc resmetch -m hybrid -mcnet ../storage/net/mc/kitti_resmatch_hybrid_LL_rgb.t7 -gdn ref

You can also try training the fast resmatch architecture, on 0.2 of the data, and test it every 3 epochs:

th main.lua -ds kitti -a train_mcn -mc resmatch -m fast -debug -times 3 -subset 0.2


Implementation of "Improved Stereo Matching with Constant Highway Networks and Reflective Confidence Learning"




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