Get Segment Redirect for Expression Engine - Turn GET Variable URLs to URL Segments
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An Expression Engine Plugin. This plugin will look at the GET URL variables and redirect the user to the segment version of the URL. For example, will redirect to, or any template_group (it can be specified).

Suitable for submitting forms using the GET method for which the form variables will be appended to the URL as a GET variable, but you do not want to use PHP in the template to extract the variables.


Unzip and rename the folder to get_segment_redirect. Upload the get_segment_redirect folder to your system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder.


The plugin must be called in the template shown for that URL, as follows:

{exp:get_segment_redirect get_variable="color" base_url="/template_group/"}

For example, if you submit a form using GET, or link to this URL:

The user will be redirected to:

Bugs & Feature Requests

Issue tracker

Before reporting bugs or requesting any features, please check that it does not already exist.

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