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Customized 404 page for Q2A

Plugin Version

  • v1.1

This plugin will allow you to customize 404 page. You can place useful message for the site users.


  • Supports HTML code.
  • Enable or disable plugin.
  • Enable or disable search box .
  • Custom CSS for extra styling .

Installation Guide

  • Extrat zip file.
  • Place directory called q2a-custom-404-page in qa-plugin folder.
  • Done

Minimum Question2Answer Version Required

  • v1.3.2

Admin Guide

  • Login with admin credentials .
  • Go to Admin > Plugins page.
  • Scroll down to "Custom 404 Page" in plugin list.
  • Click on "options" to place HTML code and enable plugin.

Thanks to

  • Gideon Greenspan for Question2Answer
  • for the base plugin


This plugin is forked from by . Both serves the same purpose . I have added some more fretures like search box , costum css and some code enhancements . So make sure you are using any one but not both . If you have installed both then it may not work as expected .