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Word counts of different books for analysis

OpenStax Biology, Campbell Biology, NCERT Biology

Important word rank with count in different books

Campbell Biology:

Rank 1: figure; 5088
Rank 15: concept; 1997
Rank 18: how;1759
Rank 43: data;1072
Rank 46: evolution;1066
Rank 50: structure;929
Rank 81: evolutionary;692
Rank 258: structures;375

structure [structure+structures] count is around 1304, should be ranked in the top 30.
evolution [evolution+evolutionary] count is around 1758, should be ranked in top 20.

OpenStax Biology

Rank 3: figure;2640
Rank 24: membrane;721
Rank 25: structure;709
Rank 27: how; 682
Rank 34: example;631
Rank 90: evolution;380
Rank 134: structures;301
Rank 222: evolutionary:226
Rank 258: data; 204
Rank 327: examples; 177
evolution [evolution+evolutionary] count is around 606, should be ranked in top 40.
structure [structure+structures] count is around 1010, should be ranked in the top 10.

NCERT Biology (11th and 12th Class)

Rank 3 figure;823
Rank 35 how;239
Rank 37 membrane;227
Rank 40 structure;219
Rank 70 example;154
Rank 144 structures;108
Rank 165 evolution;99
Rank 193 examples;90

structure [structure+structures] count is around 327 should be ranked in the top 20.


Instances of data are maximum in Campbell Biology. Most thing in the book is explained with giving real world experimental data.
Both Campbell Biology and OpenStak Biology stress biology in the purview of evolution with maximum examples and emphasizing on structures in biology as form follows function, along with answering maximum probing questions (as how ranks much higher)

NCERT biology lacks emphasis of all these concepts. Even though figures tops in NCERT biology, but in many chapters, relevant figures of textual content is missing. Data word doesn't exist in top 500.