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WoSo Stats

This GitHub repository is for the WoSo Stats project, dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and distributing data about women's soccer from around the world. In this repository you'll find a variety of code, files, and documents relevant to our work.

The main Twitter account for this project where you'll find the most up-to-date info on recent news, stats, and overall developments is @WoSoStats. The blog is at Any questions about the project or how to join can be directed to the Twitter account or to Alfredo at

To see just some of the data that has been tracked, view the WoSo Stats Shiny app. There you can see stats for players. Currently, our biggest database is for 2016 USWNT matches and for the 2016 NWSL season.

The analysis folder is where to find the csv files for all the stats tables. Most of what you see in the Shiny app is sourced from the "csv" folder within this folder.

The code folder is where to find the R code that is used to process and analyze the source Excel and csv files. "Version-2" is the most recent code that is currently being used, while "Version-1" is a folder of deprecated code from an earlier stage in this project.

The resources folder is where to find necessary and helpful resources for how to log stats on your own (please help! volunteers needed!) and definitions for what is being measured and analyzed.

The shiny folder is where to find the R code behind the WoSo Stats Shiny app, which can be found at

The source folder is where to find all the match spreadsheets that have been logged, in Excel and csv format.

The database.csv file is the spreadsheet with every match that has been logged. This is also the list of matches that are represented in the WoSo Stats Shiny app.

The stats.csv file is used by the WoSo Stats Shiny app and is a list of the stats represented in that app.