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This app makes say the weather ☀️
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Snips-Wetter ☀

This skill makes say the weather. The weather forecasts come from OpenWeatherMap.


Important: The following instructions assume that Snips is already configured and running on your device. SAM should also already be set up and connected to your device and your account.

  1. In the German skill store add the skill Wetter (by domi; this) to your German assistant.

  2. Go to the OpenWeatherMap website and create a new account, or sign in if you already have one.

  3. In "My Home" go to the section "API keys" and generate a new key. Copy this one.

  4. In the console execute the following command:

    sam install assistant

    You will be asked to enter two values:

    • openweathermap_api_key Here you (copy and) paste the key you generated before.
    • default_city This is the location that is used when no location has been said, e.g. Berlin (without quotes).

    This data is stored on your device.

  5. To update the values simply run

    sam install skills


At the moment you can ask for the current weather, the temperature and the weather condition.

Example sentences

  • Kannst du mir sagen wie das Wetter ist?
  • Ich möchte das Wetter in Berlin wissen.
  • Regnet es in Frankfurt?
  • Wie viel Grad hat es draußen?


  • Add another forecast provider
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