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Provide programmatic access to Amazon Music/Prime Music's streaming service
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AmazonMusic is an open source Python 2/3 library, providing access to Amazon Music/Prime Music's streaming service. It enables new applications to be written that use Amazon's service.

This is similar to other projects for other streaming services. For example, for Spotify use librespot and python-librespot - based on Spotify's libspotify. Unfortunately, Amazon don't offer an Amazon Music SDK, and this seems to be the first attempt to reverse engineer one.

Example usage

from amazonmusic.amazonmusic import AmazonMusic
import os

am = AmazonMusic(credentials=['', 'xyzzy'])

station = am.create_station('A2UW0MECRAWILL')
print('Playing station {0}...'.format(

for t in station.tracks:
  print('Playing {0} by {1} from {2} [{3}]...'.format(, t.artist, t.album, t.albumArtist))
  os.system('cvlc --play-and-exit "{0}"'.format(t.getUrl()))

Note: hardcoding your Amazon credentials is a bad idea! AmazonMusic can be passed a lambda function that returns a two-element list. This will be called if a sign-in is necessary and can be used to prompt the user for their credentials. For example:

from getpass import getpass

# Make Python 2 work like Python 3
try: input = raw_input
except NameError: pass

# Prompt the user for the credentials, when needed
am = AmazonMusic(credentials = lambda: [input('Email: '), getpass('Amazon password: ')])


The Requests and Beautiful Soup libraries are required beyond the standard Python libraries. These can be usually be installed using your standard package manager or pip:

Operating environment Python version Packages
Debian, Ubuntu 2 python-requests, python-bs4
Debian, Ubuntu 3 python3-requests, python3-bs4
cygwin 2 python2-requests, python2-bs4
cygwin 3 python3-requests, python3-bs4
pip (e.g. OS X Homebrew) 2 & 3 requests, beautifulsoup4


  • Play album by ASIN
  • Play station by ASIN
  • Play playlist by ASIN
  • Library access - saved albums
  • Supports Amazon Music with Prime subscriptions, with multiple regions [needs testing]
  • Supports Python 2 & Python 3


Short term:

  • Searching [in progress]
  • Library access - saved playlists
  • Browse recommendations
  • Browse stations

Medium term:

  • Ensure full Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions are supported
  • Better handling of a captcha during authentication

Possible long term:

  • Better examples (full Amazon Music client?)
  • Manage library (e.g. create playlists)
  • Play tracks without an external player (such as cvlc)


  • Features that facilitate piracy (such as track downloading): the library is to allow streaming only

If you would like to contribute to development, or understand how the library - or Amazon Music - works, see DEVELOPMENT for more information.


Several examples are included. To run them:

  1. Enure your working directory contains the library
  2. Set PYTHONPATH and run them in Python:
PYTHONPATH=. python examples/
PYTHONPATH=. python examples/
PYTHONPATH=. python examples/
PYTHONPATH=. python examples/

Default ASINs for albums, stations and playlists are defaulted within the examples, but alternatives can be provided as a command line argument. The example can be used to find alternatives (although the raw JSON needs to be manually parsed at the moment):

PYTHONPATH=. python examples/ Adele 25
        "document": {
          "__type": "",
          "artFull": {
            "URL": "",
            "__type": "",
            "artUrl": ""
          "artistAsin": "B001EEJMYG",
          "artistName": "Adele",
          "asin": "B0170UQ0OC",
          "isMusicSubscription": "true",
          "originalReleaseDate": 1447977600.0,
          "primaryGenre": "Pop",
          "primeStatus": "PRIME",
          "title": "25",
          "trackCount": 11
PYTHONPATH=. python examples/ B0170UQ0OC


I have a long term plan to build an integrated smart home with voice assistant (possibly using the likes of spaCy, Snowboy, openHAB, Mopidy and respeaker-avs). As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I get access to Prime Music - which just about covers my streaming audio needs. Unfortunately, Alexa Voice Service only allows people actively working with Amazon on commercial products under NDA to access Amazon Music.

Switching to Spotify will cost money. Commercialising the integrating smart home solution might be an even longer term plan, but I don't want to predicate access on that. Reverse engineering Amazon Music - or getting Amazon to provide an API - so that it can be added to projects like Mopidy seems like the best way forward.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this library except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License in the LICENSE file.

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Attribution to Andrew Flegg is welcome, but not required.


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